Tripiti Tour

So much has been heard and written about the Tripiti gorge. Hard, rough and with a few passages that are difficult to find, it is the ultimate challenge for every climber. After climbing to the col of Gigilos Psilafi we will start descending to the south and our adventure starts. There is hardly a path and at times we will cross a passage in all fours. We are now at the top of a huge islet in the centre of the gorge, staring at the imposing view on the left and right, keeping an eye though not to miss the ideal passage. On each side, the cliff is impressively deep and balancing on the tips of the rocks we enter deeper and deeper in the sanctuary of the wild gorge. No human sign, an absolute sense of isolation and wilderness that excites not only the body but also the brain. Each step requires the precision of a dancer and totally absorbed by the difficulties of the moment we step on the more solid river bed after a few hours.  Our body and mind relax slightly, to totally let go at the exit where the Libyan Sea is expecting us for a dive. To continue we either take a boat ride to Sougia or, provided we still have energy, we can go on at the waterfront path to Sougia.

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