There is definitely no better place to gaze Crete from above, as Pachnes is the tallest summit on the island with an altitude of 2456m and a view equivalent to the height. After travelling by car to the south of Chania, we will reach Sfakia and from there we will follow the mountain snake that takes us to Anopolis, a rough traditional mountainous village on the foot of the White Mountains. Our adventure starts from there as 21 kilometres of dirt road expect us, formed in the heart of the mountains, between impressive volcanic rocks and black stones. We proceed in two feet and the path to the summit of the mountainous desert is relatively easy. After two hours at a relaxed pace, we reach the summit at 2456m. and the view is impeccable. South, North and a group of 100 summits around to remind us we do not live on an island but a continent.

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