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Kallergi Refuge

The Kallergi mountain refuge is located above the entrance of the Samaria Gorge at an altitude of 1,680 meters. The Kallergi refuge has 50 beds and an organized kitchen, while its heating is with wood stoves and an energy fireplace. It is built at the western end of the Lefka Ori and round there are many peaks higher than 2,000 meters, but also many easy walking paths. The Kallergis refuge approach is made by hiking 1.30 hours from the Omalos plateau on a path and a rural road of 5 kilometres. The area offers many excursions to the surrounding peaks, through the beautiful paths of E4. The refuge can be used as a base for the routes: Downhill of the Gorge, climb to the peaks of Psari, Black and Melinda and to the Shvorik refuge for the crossing of the White Mountains.

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