Mile Cave

On the northern side of the White Mountains and just 20 kilometres away from the town of Chania, there is a mountainous paradise. Leaving beautiful Kabous behind, we climb to Madaro and from there we enter the dirt road that will lead us to the northern heart of the White Mountains. The view multiplies every meter we ascend and after 8 kilometres the 4 wheels are replaced by 2 feet… Vegetation is scarce anymore, rocks are sharp but the positive energy of the place is such that you can only keep climbing to the top. Before we even sweat we stop for a break at the Volikas refuge, which is the oldest in Crete, and with a view to the Northern side of Chania we enjoy a cup of coffee. Afterwards, we tie our shoelaces really well as the climb awaits. A little above and within the mountainous terrain there is a natural cool oasis with an eternal glacier standing for whole centuries in the beautiful cave of Mile, an ideal spot to sip our tea gazing at Chania from above.

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