Project Description

Crossing the White mountains.

We start our crossing from the Kallergi refuge which lies in the West end of the White Mountains at an altitude of 1680m. From there and as soon as we reach the Melidaou summit (2134m) we are right in the heart of the mountain. A few hours later we will find ourselves at Katsiveli plateau at 1900m,where we will spend the night in  the Svourihti refuge . On the next day, a visit to Pahnes, the tallest summit of the White Mountains at 2455m , is required and after admiring the view we take off the skins and the descend begins… Moving eastwards we will go past Trohari, Gria Soros and Paspalomiti summits but the longest and most enjoyable descend of our excursion starts from  the Kastou Fanariou col . However, the hard part is not over yet, since in Askifou , at the East end of the mountain, in Nektarios’ taverna we will restore powers with tsikoudia and lamb dishes before the final relaxation…  

The White Mountains crossing is about 40 kilometres long which are ideally covered in two days with one overnight stay in Kallergi refuge and one in Svourihti refuge. Hiking takes about 8-10 hours depending on the amount of snow and very good knowledge of ski mountaineering is required as the route covered is at exposed icy cuts and generally at alpine landscape  not recommended for novice climbers.

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