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Chris Paterakis

Chris Paterakis, founder and in charge of  Hikingcreta, was not born in any hospital of Hania ,as some believe, but his existence is the result of  limestone and granite distillation. School was too confined for him and from an early age he‘d rather climb rocks, mountains and snow as those really appealed to him. So, in 1988 he visited the White Mountains for the first time and since then he has become an inseparable friend with summits, edges, gorges and cliffs. He lives and breathes through them at all seasons either walking and hiking on their dry rocks in the summer or carving with his skis the snow that covers them during the winter.

During the winter he keeps the Kalergi Refuge open weekly whereas during the summer he promotes hiking to little children, as he is in charge of the program at the children’s hiking centre organized by the Hiking Club of Hania, at the Tavri refuge. Apart from the White mountains, he has climbed on almost every mountain in Greece, as well as on many mountains of the Alps, the most important of which being Matterhorn, Dolomites, Teeth of Giant and many other classic summits. He has also climbed the Yosemite in California. In 2003, he took part in the expedition of the Hiking Club of Hania in Aconcagua and moreover he has been twice in the Himalayas at Annapurna. Apart from climbing, he is also into speleology (caving), participating in the most important caving expeditions as he has descended to the deepest cave gulch in Greece (Gourgouthakas  – 1208m).

His means of transport on the mountain is… hiking skis as he holds the certificate of the Greek Hiking Federation school and up until today he is the only person in Crete who goes to work by… skis. Besides mountaineering, he is also interested in cycling, being a member of the “Talos” cycling team taking part in races. His love for two wheels took him even further. Being passionate about motorcycles he has been working since 2003 as a specialized press editor for the greatest motorcycle magazine in Greece (MOTO Magazine) trying out motorcycles and participating in global presentations around the world.

Except for the mountains there is also the sea. Having grown up practically in the water it has always appealed to him, so from an early age he started sailing and later took part in many races across the Aegean Sea, ranking first in the Aegean international sailing Rally in 2011 being his greatest accomplishment. During the summer months he is the captain of a sailboat which organizes daily or weekly cruises around the Aegean.

Date of birth : 11/01/1979


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