Sailing with Hiking.

The seas await…
All it takes is a soft breeze to blow our sails and the edge of the horizon is a feasible destination… That is the magic of sailing. No limitations by fuel or weather conditions. You choose a destination and you simply get there , time doesn’t matter. Besides, on a sailing boat ,holidays start the moment you set foot on it as the aim in not simply to get somewhere. Hiking Creta goes to the sea as well as the mountain, using as a driving force the wind and people who love nature and adventure. Together we can travel for a day so that you can get a taste of sailing in Chania and enjoy a swim in the peaceful bay of Chania or we can travel for more days in Crete and to the wonderful Aegean islands experiencing the open sea on a sailing boat… Moreover, we can climb without ropes right above the water or we can hike on the amazing waterfront trails of Crete..

Anafi 40

Our boat is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 and it can accommodate up to 8 people in its 3 twin cabins and 2 toilets. The ample space inside offers freedom of movement and the kitchen is fully equipped with a large gas oven. We organize daily or multi day excursions to the island of Gramvousa. Moreover, the boat can sail to the Aegean islands on a weekly rental. There is a captain on board on all of our excursions.

Our daily excursions:

1. Hania- Mahairida- Kalathas- Thodorou- Lazareta



You don’t need to go far to admire the beauties of the northern side of Hania , provided you see them from the right angle…So we start in the morning setting sail from the Venetian harbour of Hania heading east and towards the beaches of Macherida and Kalatha. We will enjoy the sea , the crystal clear waters and we will have some fruit before sailing again towards wider horizons. We will get to the open sea of the Hania bay so as to admire the view from the “other side” and to get a fresh breeze that will give us both thrills and will boost our sails for good. After 10 miles we will approach the island of Ag. Theodoron which hosts the rare species of the cretan chamois and we will admire their graceful moves on the sharp, steep rocks. On the southern side of the island we will anchor to dive in the crystal green waters and after having a light meal we will return sailing to the Venetian harbour of Hania.

2. Hania Menies Hironisia


Menies3 Menies4

Our trip starts early in the morning and heading west we will set sail towards the first foot of Crete .Once we are in the open sea our fishing tools will take action and if we get lucky a tuna fish might be found in our plates. However we will trim our sails as well as possible and we will enjoy sailing in the open sea , reaching the tip of Crete. From there we will move south to get to Menies, an enchanting little bay and an ideal refuge for a swim in crystal blue waters. Actually, during the prehistoric years the place used to be a trading spot with ancient monuments saved until today. After taking a rest we start taking our way back and with our sails opened we will sail to the harbour of Hania, being there late in the afternoon, just before sunset.

3. Balos Gramvousa




Up with the anchor, the white sails are raised and as soon as the wind blows we are off to another paradise in Crete.We now see the beautiful town of Hania from a different prospective with its tall mountains standing proudly above the sea. After a while all we see is the blue colour of the sky and the sea and passing by the first peninsula of Crete we are heading straight to the island of Gramvousa or else the island of the pirates…The clear green waters and an old shipwreck welcome us to the bay and as soon as we anchor at the small harbour we sense the “pirate” energy of the place. The landscape prepares you for something exotic as if the galleon has just let the pirates off. The beautiful Venetian fortress, which was built in the 16th century to protect them from the Turks, stands proudly above the small harbour attracting us like a magnet. Embrasures, strongholds and an amazing watchtower of the Cretan Sea to admire while the crystal waters tempt us to take a swim. At night, around the campfire we will tell the best stories ( fake most of them …) and we will taste fresh fish caught by our captain ! On the next day after we enjoy our swim in the crystal clear waters, we will return and at around sunset we will enter the old harbour of Hania…