Crete is no island, it is a continent…

Our island might be renowned for its crystal clear waters and its beautiful steep recluse beaches , but above those there are huge , vast mountains and untrodden and vast rough gorges that any hiker dreams of crossing. We “have been rising ” high up here for 20 years now and our aim is to walk the mountains together. We are neither  a travel agency  nor do we offer “comfortable” and relaxing holidays on the mountain. We are a group of passionate hikers that wishes to share with you the beauty and wilderness of our place away from package holidays and advertised destinations .Together we will reach the most remote and tough places , we will cross the White Mountains from every side while  four rough gorges are expecting us . The adventure begins as long as our boots are sturdy and our laces tied.

our routes

“Mountainous desert”
Crossing Lefka Ori

Alpine terrain with gently sloping uphill without great difficulty. Amazing rocks and unique view to the Lybian and Cretan Seas.


“Ultimate crossing”
Eligia Gorge

Summit climb on alpine terrain but on an easy route, crossing alpine terrain , and descending a rough gorge with minor difficulties


“Crossing a myth”
Tripiti Gorge

Summit climb on alpine terrain, crossing a very difficult gorge with steep dangerous passages.


“At the top of planet Pachnes”
Pachnes Summit

Summit climb on alpine terrain, but on an easy path of unique beauty.


“Summer walk in glacier”
Cave Mile

Alpine terrain, on rock path and destination is Ice cave


“Samaria’s Balcony”
Psari Summit

Alpine terrain, easy route, fantastic view Samaria Gorge


“Secluded enjoyment”
Sfakiano Gorge

Slightly downhill with small local difficulties and unique sense of isolation


“Samaria More..”
7-day trip in Samaria

The Samaria Gorge is undoubtedly the most well-known gorge in Europe, but there are equally beautiful places around it you can easily discover.