“Ultimate crossing”
Eligia Gorge

Eligia Gorge

Samaria might be the most well known , but right next to it there are hidden paradises that take a little more effort to discover… The Eligia gorge starts from the heart of the White Mountains  and after climbing to Melidaou at 2130m at the west side of the White Mountains, starts the crossing –like descend. After reaching Potamous the landscape changes radically and the hard rock will be replaced by soft soil and the first trees will appear. We now use not only our feet but also our hands as our route includes plenty of scrambling and also a small rappel. Wilderness everywhere. Vast fallen rocks have crushed everything , the smell of wood is everywhere and the dust seems to have just settled down .When we reach the forest of Fliskounia the landscape changes instantly. Soft soil replaces the vast cliffs and a winding river bed leads us mildly to an easier trail that takes us to the cool and crystal clear sea of the Libyian Sea.





icon5c Difficulty ( on a scale of 1-10): 8
icon3c Hours of hiking daily: 10+ ( possibly in two days)
icon6c Location: Omalos Plateau , White Mountains, Melidaou, Potamoi, Eligia, Ag. Roumeli – Google Maps
route Features of the route: Summit climb on alpine terrain but on an easy route, crossing alpine terrain , and descending a rough gorge with minor difficulties
backpack1 Necessary equipment: Sticks , 4 lt of water, hat,light food, thin jacket, sleepover equipment.
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