“Samaria’s Balcony”
Psari Summit

Psari Summit, Kalergi refuge, Omalos , Samaria, Therissos

The Samaria Gorge might be one of the greatest in Europe but the mountains and routes surrounding it are equally impressive and grand. Psari summit standing at around 2000 metres is the balcony of Samaria and is approached by Safari Adventures in the best possible way. After the picturesque village of Lakkoi, a hidden dirt road will lead us directly deep in the mountains and after we climb up the beautiful gorge we will leave the cars at the old entrance of the Samaria Gorge , a place called  Poria. Our hiking will start from there along a cane trail of E4 of average difficulty at the boundaries of the national gorge. On our right is the vast gorge ,seen from an angle few have enjoyed ,while on our left lying  like jewelry the innumerable summits of the White Mountains. Due to the altitude and the temperature we will barely sweat before we find ourselves at the top. A sea of summits, peaks and gorges in front of us while the Libyan and Cretan Sea lie in the background. Our eyes have  difficulty focusing on just one place and right before the chill settles in we start our way back. A little later we take a rest enjoying a cup of mountain tea at the climbing refuge of Kallergi which  is hanging over the cliffs of Samaria. Later on we will descend to lower altitudes and  pass by beautiful villages completing our tour  in the village of Therisso where we will enjoy a truly traditional Cretan meal. On our way back we will cross by car the Therisso gorge.





icon5c Difficulty ( on a scale of 1-10): 5
icon3c Hours of hiking daily: 4
icon6c Location: Omalos, Kallergi, West White Mountains – Google Maps
route Features of the route: Alpine terrain, easy route, fantastic view Samaria Gorge
backpack1 Necessary equipment:  Sticks, 2 lt of water, hat, light food, thin jacket
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